Organiworks founder pictureOrganiworks is a local, mom owned, small business in Albany NY and serve the Capital Region. We offer high quality organic and natural skin care products for moms, dads, babies, and the whole family. Each product we carry is carefully selected and personally tested to be safe, effective, made sustainably in the USA.

We specialize in helping you select the best, cost-effective products that suit your needs. You can find our products for sale at 6 location in the NY’s Capital Region.

We also offer custom favors and DIY kits for weddings and showers as well as private parties and workshops! You can also contact me and schedule a FREE, no obligation personal consultation.


Jenn Zhao, founder and owner of Organiworks, is a scientist by training and mom at heart. When pregnant with her son, she was concerned the food she ate and the ingredients in her beauty products. She looked up every ingredient under the sun and studied every beauty product she could get her hands on. Soon she found out, that just because a bottle has a picture of a flower and the word “natural” on it, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Like any science subject, skin care is not black and white. Debate is fierce, and the jury is still out on some commonly used ingredients in conventional beauty products.

After identifying several companies that really had customers health and safety at the highest priority, Jenn was disappointed that most of these brands were impossible to find in the Albany area. That’s when Organiworks was born.


Organiworks’ mission is to provide safe, effective, high quality skin care products to the people who need them. We also seek to educate and inform on topics of interest regarding achieving your best skin, naturally. We support local businesses, and carry only products made in the USA. We provide free personalized service to help you find the best products that work for your skin. Because we don’t represent any one brand, we offer our unbiased opinion leading you to the best customized solution for you. Our loyalty is to YOU, not a particular brand or cosmetic company.

Skin Care Philosophy:

We believe that beauty comes from the inside. When we are healthy and happy, we are naturally radiant. No single magic cream will cure all your skincare woes, no matter how expensive. Good skincare can be achieved easily and affordably with simple bug high quality ingredients.

How we choose what products to sell:

Every product we sell has gone through a stringent set of selection criteria. First and foremost, the ingredients must be safe and the formula has to “make sense”. This means that we check all listed ingredients and make sure that none of them are on our “black list”. And we also check the formulation of the products based on the ingredients listed and confirm that no ingredients has been “left out”. For example, if it’s a foaming cleanser and there is no foaming agent listed in the ingredient list, it’s highly suspicious that the product actually contains a foaming agent such as sodium laureth sulfate.

Second, we test the product ourselves and with the help of happy volunteers who use the products for weeks at a time to really understand the long term effects or benefits. We get feedback on every aspect of the product including, “did this product do what it said it would do?”, and “did this product completely change your life?”.

It typically takes 2-3 months to get a product approved and added to the Organiworks family. If your company is interested in submitting a product for approval, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for new, natural, effective products to bring to our wonderful customers!


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